All estate lots in Southfort Meadows are open to the public, which means you can purchase them directly from us and then bring in the builder of your choice to complete your home.

For the larger single family lots, purchasers must choose between our 3 show home builders: Landover Homes, Stoneridge Homes, & Victory Homes. Once you have finalized your contract to build through them, they will purchase the lot on your behalf.

For the smaller single family homes that are not already purchased by a builder, purchases must choose between our 4 builders: CMK Homes, Spectrum Homes, Super Homes, & Urban Luxury Homes. Once you have finalized your contract to build through them, they will purchase the lot on your behalf. All duplex lots are owned by CMK Homes.

We do not allow 3rd party sales from our builders in Southfort Meadows, so you are unable to purchase a lot currently owned by a builder unless they are also building your home for you.

To put an estate lot on hold, please contact us. We do not require a financial deposit, but do require all the information needed to prepare a draft purchase agreement (your name or company name, the corresponding civic address, phone, email). Holds are valid for 4 weeks. Since there is no financial deposit, a hold can be challenged at any time. This means that someone that is prepared to purchase the lot can execute a purchase agreement, which will trigger a 48-hour first right of refusal for the individual that has the lot on hold to do the same. If the individual with the hold does not purchase within that 48-hour window, the lot is sold to the individual challenging the lot hold.

Yes. To challenge a hold, you must execute a purchase agreement on that lot and provide a 15% deposit cheque. At that point we will give the individual with the existing hold 48 hours notice to either provide us with a 15% deposit cheque and enter into a Purchase Agreement or lose the hold. Once you challenge a hold, if the original party does not exercise their first right of refusal, your Agreement and deposit will become a binding sale.


When purchasing a lot, it is important to first recognize the approved zoning of that lot, and then read the corresponding requirements in Fort Saskatchewan’s Land Use Bylaw. You can access this online at: Residential Land Use Districts. In addition to those requirements, our subdivisions have architectural controls that outline the requirements for house size, exterior treatments, choices available for private fencing, and allowable front/side landscaping. You can view this document by going to the LOT MAPS section and clicking on the button beside the stage map labeled “download architectural controls”.

The purchase agreements specifies that building must commence one year from the purchase. If a purchaser continues to maintain their lot from weeds, garbage, and other dumping, we are fine extending that timeframe until the purchaser is ready to build. However, we intentionally keep that clause in our purchase agreement as a means to take legal action if someone is not building on their lot and also not maintaining it. In a situation such as that, we will use the proceeds of your deposit to clean up your lot for you, and then proceed with further legal action once those funds are “used up”.

The architectural controls specify that front landscaping must be completed by the year after your house is completed. If there is a reason that a person cannot complete their landscaping within that timeline but is still maintaining the front of their lot to be tidy, we have no problem extending that timeframe another year. Backyard landscaping is not a requirement and therefore there is no time frame where you must complete your backyard landscaping.

Please note that we can only return a deposit to the party that paid it to us, meaning the purchaser of the lot. If you are a homeowner that purchased from a builder, you must contact them to let them know that you have completed landscaping, and they must coordinate the return of the balance of their deposit directly with us.

The deposit covers three requirements: any infrastructure damaged during the construction process, building to the approved plans, and completion of the front/side landscaping.

Front landscaping must be completed as per the requirements in the architectural controls. Once complete, the lot owner is to fill out the Landscaping Inspection Request Form that was part of their purchase agreement, which will trigger an inspection.

As soon as a lot is purchased, the purchaser is responsible for ALL 3rd party damage adjacent to their lot, not just activity that is proven to be caused by construction activity on their house. After 2 years of warranty, Fort Saskatchewan completes an inspection and determines what deficiencies need to be repaired before they assume responsibility for that infrastructure. Once we complete these repairs, lot owners are invoiced for any costs associated with their lot. If that invoice is not paid, it is deducted from the deposit.

Even if the landscaping is completed and approved, no deposits can be refunded until Strathcona County has assumed ownership of ALL infrastructure within the stage. This is typically 3-4 years after construction. The reason for their “delay” is because once a deposit is returned, there is no way for the developer to pursue repayment for damages that are later identified by Strathcona County.


Southfort Meadows features a much larger variety of housing products than almost every subdivision in the region. Instead of branding them separately, moving forward we are using the Southfort Meadows umbrella to capture/market them all. However, instead of having all the different products mixed along the same street, we try to concentrate certain products along blocks so that most houses are directly adjacent to a similar housing product.

The estate lots for sale are adjacent to existing estate lots, and they will be the last ones developed in Fort Saskatchewan.

Development West of Greenfield Link is currently all larger single family lots. These lots are closed to our show home builder group: Landover Homes, Stoneridge Homes, & Victory Homes. All lots here must be purchased through one of those 3 builders.

Development East of Greenfield Link is currently smaller single family lots and some duplex.

The Southfort Meadows park will be mostly constructed in 2021. Asphalt trails, tree/shrub planting, and grass (some sod and some seed) will all be completed.

The outdoor rink will be constructed by the City of Fort Saskatchewan. We cannot confirm their timing for construction, but they have communicated to us that the design will be finalized in 2021, with construction in 2022.

There are one active show home in Southfort Meadows:

Landover Homes located at 1 Sparrow Close

Development, and the rate of development, is driven by market conditions. It is impossible to accurately predict the timing and size of future stages because it is often a 2 year process to prepare a new stage for construction, and in that time market conditions can fluctuate greatly.

All questions about timing should be directed to the development manager. Do not rely on information from 3rd party individuals about the details of future development.

In addition to approved zoning & subdivision plans, the best resource to see what future development may look like is the Area Structure Plan.

Excluding the two multi-family sites in the SE corner of the subdivision, the rest of Southfort Meadows is designated to be low density development. In layman’s terms, housing that is 2.5 stories or lower.

This means future stages will have a variety of townhouse, duplex, and single family product, all of varying sizes.

Unofficially, we use Greenfield Link as a natural divider for housing product within the community. We would like to concentrate all townhouse units along Greenfield Link because it is a Collector Road. East of Greenfield Link is where we envision the majority of the smaller single family and duplex product to be developed. West of Greenfield Link (and north of Meadowview Drive) is where we envision the majority of the larger single family lots to be developed, adjacent or nearby to the Southfort Meadows Pond & Park. The area West of Greenfield Link, but south of Meadowview Drive, is not contemplated at this point, and will likely be driven by market conditions.

All of these housing products are subject to change, especially with the evolution of housing products over time. However, we think it is helpful to share our vision with potential customers so they at least have a better idea than simply “low density housing” for what the future of parts of the community will look like.


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